About Us

About our School

ST. Xavier's Public School is a registered member of "XAVIER'S COUNCIL OF INDIA", CBSE Pattern, New Delhi Group, guided by an pro-nation organization named "FACE OF THE NATION". School provides superior education opportunities to children of diverse background and abilities. Within a caring and supportive environment, the school educates the child through academics, fine arts, moral values and physical development. Each child is recognized as a unique student. All the students are challenged to fulfill their individual potential. All children are encouraged to pursue excellence in their lives and to play positive roles in their families and communities.

ST. Xavier's Public School's program has been founded on a development approach. A development program recognizes that readiness for any given task is based on child's biological maturation rather than chronological age. Curriculum concepts are introduced through a "hands on approach " which allows the child to touch, taste, feel and experience the world around him.

Why St.Xaviers Public School?

State of-art infrastructure and huge campus

Highly qualified and experienced Teaching Faculty High-tech Class Rooms (with Smart Boards and Projectors)

Multifarious Co-curricular activities

Well-stocked and updated Library

Focus on Holistic Development

Value Based Education

Only 30 students per class

Environment Friendly


Excellent Sports Facilities -

At St.Xaviers Public School, we consider it vital to instill in students a strong set of core values. This in turn will help shape their lives and the world around them. Universal values and ethical codes of conduct are taught to enable them to build their future and benefit the society. St.Xaviers Public School focuses on sports also. Sports programs have been an integral part of our school curriculum. Sports increase a student’s performance not only in the classroom but also in his or her life. Sport is a vigorous physical activity which involves physical exertion and skill, generally played by two teams against each other by following the set number of rules in order to win or defeat other team.

Our students are taken for trips and excursions of 2-3 days durations along with their teachers. Besides learning through fun and games, these trips play vital role in building self-esteem and self-confidence.